La 21 Division

The main divisiones

Within la 21 divisiones exists four main divisions, they are calles radá/white Division, petró/black Division, guedeses and Indios. The spirits within all this divisions are called misterios, luases, seres or santos. All female misterios are named metresas. All misterios work under God; nothing can and would happen without his permission.

The radá division is the family of pure and white misterios, near to Bondye and working for light, enlightment and protection. Prayers to them are done for protection, guidance, light and for a good life. In this division you will find Papa Legba, Papa candela, Madam Claret, Anaisa, Belie belcan, Metresili, Ogun Balendyo and many others.

Within the petró division exist fiery and hot spirits. They have some aggressive characters, some are angry; some have a lot of power. This mistrios work fast and powerful, and need control and knowledge to handle. You will find SiliDanto, Gran Bwa, Gran Toro, Centinela Tibunal Petro, Lenglesú Taguedo, Lafego, Ogun Badagris and many others. They are called for protection, fast actions.

The guede Division is connect to the death and associated places with, the cementaries. They work and the border of life and death and teach a lot of the secrets of death and the wisdom of ancestors. In this division you will find the chief of this division: Baron del Cementerio, and his brothers, Baron Lacua, Baron Samdi. The head of the Guedes is  Papa Guede, Santa Marta la Dominadora a well known misterio, an many others like  Guedesito, Prin Guede, Guedelina, …

The Indio division is an own division of misterios which are connected to water and the Tainos. This division works for clarity, cleanings, and the secrets of nature. They are called when performing a cleaning and healing ritual with water. The Tainos also teach the usage of tobacco and his healing energies. Famous Tainos are Caonabo and Anacaona, other head msiterios are Gran Solie and Tinyo Alagué.  

A lot of misterios are pictured with a catholic saint. A popular list is the following:

Anaísa Pyé- Santa Ana
Bakúlu Baká-San Felipe
Barón Del Cementerio-San Elías
Belié Belcán-San Miguel
Cachita-Nuestra Señora de la Caridad
Candelina-Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria
Candelo Cedifé-San Carlos Borromeo
Centinela-San Sebastián
Clementina-La Virgen Milagrosa
Damballah-San Patricio
Ezili Ailá (Alaíla)-Nuestra Señora de la Alta Gracia
Ezili Danthó-Santa Bárbara Africana
Ezili Kénwa-Santa Martha
Filomena Lubana-Santa Martha La Dominadora
Gran Bwa-San Judas, San Cristóbal
Gran Solié-San Nicolás del Sol
Gran Toro (Toroliza)- Cristo de las Buenas Esperanzas
Gunguna-Santa Elena
Jan Bakéo-San Pedro
Jan Ferro-San Marcos de León
Kriminelo (Jan Kriminel)-San Sebastián, San Pancracio
La Señorita-Santa Clara
Marassa-San Cosme y San Damián
Metresilí-La Dolorosa
Ofelia Balendjo-La Virgen de las Mercedes
Ogún Balendjo-San Santiago
Ogún Batalá-San Martín de los Caballeros
Ogún Fegai-San Jorge
Papá Legbá-San Antonio

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