La 21 Division

The misterios and their function

The misterios are the primary forces in la 21 divisiones. They are the connection between Papa Bondye and the world of humans. Everyone has misterios, but just a few people are called to develop their power and the relation to them. It is said, that this is a calling and something which is given in a family line and it is done by the misterios and the power of Papa Bondye. It is not possible to get initiated because of pure interest or as something which is nice and kind of "cool". Working with the misterios and within the 21 divisions is a spiritual call, something to be respected and a mission, conducted by Papa Bondye, los misterios and the ancestors. There are rules and spiritual works need to be done, it is sometimes hard spiritual and shamanic work.

But not everyone needs to be a papa boko, a mama mabo, a servidor/a  to talk and pray for help to the misterios. It is quite common to take a proper prayer and candle in the right colour and pray to los misterios and Papa Bondye for help. Praying is basic, everyone can do it.

People who intercede between the misterios and the humans carry a lot of names for the work they are doing. Some are given by themselves, some are names given from outsiders. This is a short list of collected titles, as you can see the various inflows within this topic and the different kind of working mechanisms.

  • Los Caballos de 21 Divisiones: The "horses" of the 21 divisions.
  • Servidores de Misterios: Servants of the misterios.
  • Curandero/Curandera: Healer and medicin man/woman.
  • Espiritista: Spiritist.
  • Santero/ Santera: The name descended from Santeria, the cuban way of the saints. It is used neutral as kind of: working with the saints.
  • Brujo/Bruja: witch.
  • Creyente: Diviner
  • Papá Bocó/Mama Mambó: A common title given after years of working by the misterios. Also said to have bonds to a Haiti form of working.
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