La 21 Division


Ogún Balendyó is the head of the division Ogùn. The Ogúnes are warriors, protectors and fighters against inequity and for justice and good life. they are connected with politics, iron and fire. Ogún Balendyó corresponds with Saint James and is the husband of Metresili, both symbolise harmony between male and female forces. Ogún Balendyó is an old and wise misterio, he protects his children in difficult times and is prayed to in health matters. Ogún Balendyó is a good healer and works on the boat with Papa Agwé. The Ogúnes are a big family and contain a lot of Nago misterios too. Other Ogúnes by names are Ogún Fegai, Ogún Panama, Ogún  Batala, Ofelia Balenyo, Ogún Búa, Ogún Petro...

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